Old White to the rescue!

What is Mother Nature thinking?

Ok, yesterday was 70 degrees and I was outside painting away with my Chalk Paint®  and now there is two inches of snow on the ground.  What is that all about?

Anyways, like I was saying, I was outside painting an antique Singer sewing machine with my Chalk Paint®.  This machine is a friend of mines, it was her grandmother’s.  This poor machine’s cabinet was in a fire and had a lot of water damage. Parts of the veneer were coming off and the top had some warp to it.  My friend wanted it to continue to stay antique looking but wanted it updated so she could use it as a nightstand without using a tablecloth over it.  Well Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® to the rescue.  I first glued down the loose veneer and built up the spots missing with some Wood Icing, then came Old White.  I brushed on a quick coverage of Old White in random directions, while only dry brushing the detailed spindles.  I then put a coat of clear wax. Dark wax was applied after the clear wax.

I am so happy with the results and so is my friend.  Not only does this piece look gorgeous, but it still keeps the integrity of being an antique heirloom piece.  On a side note, I looked up the serial number of the machine and it was made in 1899. Amazing!  Now my friend has a one of a kind nightstand!



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